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The Biggest strength of the medical system in India is the relationship between the Doctor and the Patient. The Doctors don’t treat the Patients as Customers. It’s not just the current symptoms that they attempt to cure. They usually know the History of their symptoms and pattern of their illnesses.

‘வாடா! குட்டி படவா!! என்ன ஐஸ்க்ரீம் சாப்டியா?’ The Pediatrician can instantly tell that the ‘Naughty kid’ had an ice cream, caught cold and started sneezing. While sometimes it is not a major illness and there are ‘pre symptoms’ of an illness appear with a family member, NALAM DOT lets us schedule an online consultation appointment with our family doctor, who has complete history of our health to discuss ‘pre symptoms’ and prevent us from illness or take care of the illness at the early stage.

For non-urgent cases, NALAM DOT saves us from getting an appointment for personal visit at a hospitals, travelling to the hospitals, waiting at the hospitals, waiting at the pharmacies and travelling back home. NALAM DOT Saves Time and Money and provides what can’t be bought by money, Peace and Good Health!!

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How it Works

NALAM DOT is a ‘Care’ centric healthcare platform. The primary purpose is to bring healthcare closer to the needy patients instead of bringing the needy patients to Hospitals and make them wait.

Can any Patient call any Doctor? No. The patient must have visited the Doctor ‘in-person’ at least once and have discussed the medical conditions. The Doctor and the Patient mutually understand the healthcare needs and agree to consult in the future. Only after this a consultation is made possible.

Online Consultation request The Patients register as users in NALAM DOT. They send a request to their respective Doctors to enable online consultations. The request can be accepted or rejected by the Doctor. Only when the Doctor accepts the request, the Patient can get an appointment for online consultation.

Hospital, Pharmacy and Labs. NALAM DOT brings the services provided by the Hospitals, Pharmacies and Labs closer the patients’ home. NALAM DOT Lets the Patient to choose the hospitals which the usually visit as ‘My Hospitals’. Basic information about the demographics patient is shared with the hospitals. In case of urgent care needed for Pregnancies or other illnesses, NALAM DOT makes it easy for the Patient to send messages to Hospitals.

NALAM DOT lets the patients to choose Pharmacies closer to their home as ‘My Pharmacy’. When a Doctor writes a prescription for an online consultation, the Patient can send the Rx to the ‘My Pharmacy’ and get the medicine delivered to Home.

When the Doctor writes a prescription to do blood / urine tests, The Lab selected by the patient as ‘My Laboratory’ gets the message. The representatives of the Labs now can come to Patients’ homes and collect the blood / urine samples. If X-Ray or scan is needed, they can bring their vehicles to take the patients to hospitals/ take the tests/ and drop the patient back at home. The test results are uploaded to NALAM DOT once available.


Lets the Doctors to stay connected to their patients and provide care for pre-symptomatic illnesses, Chronic illnesses and Post treatment care.


Lets Hospitals to be ready to Deliver care to the Homes of Patients and Be Ready for supporting them in case of emergencies.


Lets the Pharmacies which are located closer to the Patients’ homes, to Deliver medicine to homes based on the online prescription given by the Doctor.


Lets the Labs which are located closer to the Patients’ homes, to collect blood/urine samples from homes and make the results available online.

frequently asked questions

Yes, “your Doctor” may analyze your history of health conditions and current symptoms and diagnose if the headache is caused by a migraine or cold etc.
Yes. For chronic illnesses continues care is suggested. If there are any changes in body conditions or allergies found when taking medicine, or unusual symptoms occur when travelling etc. it is absolutely advised to book an appointment with ‘Your Doctor’ to get the medical advise.
NO. It is not advised to order medicine without medical advise from Doctors. However you can order over the counter items from the Pharmacy.




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